Wool-types, origin and application

Wool is a growing back raw material. Already thousand-years ago, one would use wool for the manufacture of clothing. Wool is won to the largest part from the fur of sheep, goats, camels and Kanninchen. The animals are shorn, dannach cleaned the wool, combed and colored. The animal-fur is spun to threads afterwards and is wound onto spools or to the wad. Now, the ready product can be delivered to the manufacturers or into the businesses.Sheep-wool as well as also other animal-hair-desire have very good thermal qualities and a high moisture-connective tissue.

The application of the wool offers many possibilities. So, it is crocheted with wool, knitted, woven, tied, done embroidery and done handicrafts. It becomes caps, scarfs, hats, bags, socks, scarfs, sweaters, decks, potholders from it, Accessores and manufactured much more in handicraft. Originate unique university-cottage consequently. No limits are kept within the creativity on this occasion. Crochets and ropes came again quite big in fashion and is a beautiful hobby for many old-age-classes.
Beside the animal wool-types, there are still cotton as well as other synthetic yarns. According to season, caps, scarfs or Polllover with thicker or thinner wool are crocheted or are knitted. Synthetic yarns are usually more easy-care in contrast to wool and machines washable.

Through the advance and development of today, however, wool-types also with other additions of yarns are produced. The crocheted or knitted clothing-piece resistender, clinging and easy-care, becomes consequently. According to application, the clothing-piece should determine qualities has. In the summer chills and in the winter is warm. As eye-catcher and Accessoires, shine-yarns and effect-yarns are processed very gladly. For bags, one needs a somewhat stiffer and serviceable wool. For this felts is suitable pure wool for itself from animal-hairs, that then become smaller when cleaning the hat or bag and shrink. Consequently, bags, hats, covers or other objects become stabiel.