Faux fur - trend is

Faux fur is an inexpensive alternative to a real animal fur.
The animal's sake the current trend is to fake fur. Faux fur has approximately an equal stretcher and-feel and can be optically hardly be distinguished from real animal fur. No animals have to suffer and it also saves money.

Fur imitations are often used for pompoms, caps, collars and accessories. Many fake furs are modeled visually natural animal fur, therefore we also speak of faux fur animal fur look.
Well-made art animal skins can be recognized that only the tips of the hair or can not be the whole surface colored according to the model of nature but chat benefits.

The faux fur is made from pure synthetic fibers. This can be modacrylic, acrylic and polyester, the percentages of Components may vary depending on the material properties.

Genuine fake fur pelts from the distinction becomes increasingly difficult as fur imitations are getting better and fur Similar.
- When real fur undercoat is particularly fine and fluffy and move with the slightest wind or blow it.
- Another way when you pull the hairs of the fur apart, you can see what the hair is attached. If it is a leather skin fur is real. If hairs are tied to a piece of cloth, it's faux fur.
- You can also make a careful internal sample to the hair ends. Does it smell the scorch of the fur hair of burnt hair is it a real fur. Smells of Synthetic then you present a faux fur.
- If you are still not sure, then you simply have to laboratory examination.