Basque hats

The name Basque hat goes back to the time of the Emperor Napoleon III.
He saw many of these caps and called it mistakenly double. Beret Basque, German to Basque beret. Since it no one dared to contradict him the name has stuck to this day.
Originally, it was a wool hat knitted the shepherds in the Pyrenees.
Then the cap was also made of felt later. This type of headgear came during the French Revolution to Paris and was established on the French side in factories since the 19th century.
The Basque beret was worn as a symbol of national identity in their zivielen version in black or dark blue. Many armies around the world took the Basque cap as it was very convenient. You could be folded into the pocket, rolled or simply gsteckt under the epaulets.
The Basque beret became so famous that it in the 1940s in France for so-called "French hat" was. Later, the cap with the typical stump in the middle was worn as a symbol of membership of artists, students and intellectuals.
The trend has continued to the present day. Not only by men but now also by women, teens and children the Basques caps are like to wear.
The style icon Marlene Dietrich then came the chic hat in the ladies.
Today the Basque caps are made in many modified forms and colors.
The Basque hats are a timeless classic and anyone who wants to spice up his outfit with French flair, for the the Basque cap is just the thing.

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